Welcome to my little corner on the Internet.

  • What is the purpose of life?
  • What is the meaning of 42 other than being the number of licks to get to the center of a tootsie pop?
  • Who would win pirates or ninjas?
  • What is at the end of our journey?

These, along with other deep philosophical questions, will not be answered here. If that is what you are searching for, you may want to move along. Oh sure, I might stumble on some deep philosophical insight and share it. Mostly, you will find whatever pops into my head. In other words, expect something that is eclectic because I am attention deficit.

I will be sharing things that I find interesting and I want to be able to find it again (for a while there I went off into the weeds and got a little crazy). I am feeling much better now.

The other major type of content will be bits of flash fiction (around 500 words) within various settings or universes (the setting/universe will be in the title of the post). These stories are creative outlets for me. I am putting them out on the Internet in hopes someone might enjoy them. 😀 The following are the universes (at the time of updating this page).  If you use the menus above, you will find pages that link to the stories (put into chronological order).

End Times

This is a post-apocalypse universe where the majority of Earth’s population perished in a plague known as the Rage which became an epidemic around 2070. The current stories take place in the early 23rd century. The world is mostly a desolate wasteland where the few most people who survived struggle to survive in a world while a small minority live in sheltered enclaves isolated from those who they call “dregs.”

This storyline is actually a prequel to a GURPS campaign I ran almost 20 years ago. I know the major events that will happen which will make it challenging.


Oubliette is a universe where certain elements of the supernatural exist. Oubliette refers to a Federal government agency (that is a hidden part of the FBI) called Department of Forgotten Affairs. The purpose of this agency is to keep the existence of the supernatural hidden from the rest of the population.

I have two storylines in this universe. One is present day and centers around a paranormal investigation group and a pair of Oubliette agents. I have been neglecting this storyline because I introduced too many characters and I need to rethink my direction.

The other storyline takes place sometime around the beginning of the 19th century. It centers around Jacob Holt who witnessed the decimation of his home by native Americans and malicious spirits.

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