There is nothing more addicting than the laugh of an infant.

There’s a “weigh” to go

So, it is confession time. There have been some things that I am very hesitant to share with others even though it is very obvious there is something. You can say that there is an elephant in the room that I am avoiding. Unfortunately, this time, I am that elephant. Harsh... I know but I... Continue Reading →

Impulsive eating and unplanned meals are partially to blame for ADHD’s strong correlatioin with obesity. And then there’s your dopamine-seeking brain, which loves carbs and sugar. Learn how to lose weight the ADHD way. Source: ADHD Weight Gain: How to Stop Impulsive Eating

Never drink earl grey tea immediately after eating mandarin oranges.

I don't know what I have been doing but it seems I have been doing it for a long while. I try to follow people who follow my blog as long as they are not too extreme in their political views and are not a business. For whatever reason, I have stopped following several people.... Continue Reading →

The shark has been jumped…

There is an old term on television shows that references the events in an episode of Happy Days in the 1950s. In that episode, one of the characters jumped over a shark in water skies. It was said that episode was the beginning of the end of that television series. Today, the term is used... Continue Reading →

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